Cole Mooridian is a Rapist

I went to Valley City to babysit the evening of June 4th. We had dinner, showed her all the cool stuff in my med kit, cleaned and bandaged up her stuffed animals’ ouchies, then sat outside to watch the stars come out.

Then later, the neighbors started up a backyard bonfire. We joined them in fellowship – chatting, eating ice cream, and looking up at the beautiful night sky!

I never would have anticipated what would happen just a few hours later after her (non-biological) grandfather Cole Mooridian posted this to Facebook – I didn’t see the post until several days later.


Cole Mooridian raped me that night.

And even after going to the Emergency Room just minutes after the assault, reporting the incident to local police, and going through the invasive process of a rape kit – he is still roaming free.

What sickens me the most is the way he used my love for his grandchild to lure me into his house. And he committed the assault with her in the very next room – her door wide open… and finally, the fact that I had to leave her behind in that house with a monster.

Rapists never rape just once – they do it over and over again until they are forced to stop.

I have no doubt Cole Mooridian has raped before, likely using the same tactics – and he will rape again.

I don’t even want to think about what he will – or perhaps has already done – to that innocent little girl

She is so loving and so trusting – telling me she loves me after just one visit.

And I love her like a daughter! It frustrates me to no end there is nothing more I can do at this time to protect her.

So if anyone has ideas on how to help her, please respond – she is the number-one priority!!!

One final note – he had a gun in the room during the assault.

Below is a copy of the dispatch report from the Valley City Police Department as well as the report from the SANE (Sexual Assault Response Nurse) at Sanford.

01Screenshot_2017-06-04-06-54-25  02Screenshot_2017-06-04-03-30-04  03Screenshot_2017-06-04-03-30-13


this is what a rapist looks like


This is what a rapist looks like!


^^^ this is what a RAPIST looks like ^^^




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